What would you like to say to Trump?

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Re: What would you like to say to Trump?

Post by Warrigal » 19 Apr 2018, 19:12

hawkeye wrote:
19 Apr 2018, 12:57
McConnell announced the senate will not vote on legislation to protect the special prosecutor. That opens a door a crack. Of course, that's not a surprise since his wife works for Trump. It is beginning to look like Trump may ride this whole thing out, come out unscathed. We'll have Trump, the world will have Trump through 2024. Every Republican I know (and I know few democrats) is saying they will vote for Trump again. At almost eighty-five years I don't know why this should bother me. I shouldn't care who is in office or isn't, whether we're conserative or socialist. I mean, why am I stewing.
Look to the Millennials. They are switching on in droves, determined to vote for progressive reforms.
Donald Trump may not have much support left in the House in 2018 and be out of office in 2020.
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Re: What would you like to say to Trump?

Post by hawkeye » 25 Apr 2018, 07:05

I was pleased with Justice Gorsuch's vote. I didn't know when he would come on stream but I was hoping for a bit of Independence from him but you don't know until until they speak. I know they say all these young'ens ared goin g to register and vote and most will vote against Trump. But seeing is believing, and who anointed Trump the last time around. I think it was the vote of the peope who always select the president, the Electrical College. Who in the Sam Hill are the democrats going to run. Some no name, The former vice-president, Joe Biden? I think Trump would be chosen over him. Of course, I don't know. But Trump is doing what the Republican Congress wanted to do but was afraid to do, so they like him, most off them. I'm saying it is not a sure thing that Trump will be ousted, regardless how mant young voters register to vote. By the way, I wouldn't want to say anything to Trump, not one word. It would be worse than talking to a cactus because a cactus might hear you and silently approve.We're living in strange times, some of us.

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Re: What would you like to say to Trump?

Post by grandduke » 01 May 2018, 20:59

Hawkeye, I remember when Sir Donald said" America first" and from what we hear the
country is powering along, is that right. That equates to jobs money in pockets food on
the table, now if this is due to Trump's policies then he should get the votes in my view.
What is your view on this.? All in all stay cool big Daddy throw another steak on the BBQ. \:D/
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