Welcome back to maybenot, formerly buggs

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Re: Welcome back to maybenot, formerly buggs

Post by godfather » 15 Sep 2017, 23:15

Ghee, I cant remember if yesterday was Mon or Tuesday and I can't recall the name "buggs" but never mind I wish you a very welcome to SP, the old honest forum now some 12 years old and trotting on like "Johnny Walker"!

Please enjoy our company and take part whenever you feel like it.
We don't discriminate and if you need to vote NO, then do so at your leisure.

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Re: Welcome back to maybenot, formerly buggs

Post by maybenot » 16 Sep 2017, 10:29

Thanks again to you all for the warm welcome ... now, off to the threads to cause havoc! OJ :heeheehee
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