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Post by Mahalia » 16 Jun 2017, 14:27

IRON BARS WILL BEND AND BREAK ... Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet
pencil sketch london bridge.jpg
Old London's copped a beating - How much more can the girl take?
She is tough, she's done it all before, many times her ground's quaked
from exploding bombs, and doodle bugs - from terrorist attacks -
the IRA and Luftwaffe - these last week's bring it back.
Bloodshed and tears are nothing new - nor sheer determination
and guts - she has them still in spades - the backbone of her nation.

The world looked on in horror as a truck mounted the kerb
and rampaged over London Bridge - some had no time to swerve
or jump out of its way and they were mown down just like hay.
So sad the world is filled with hate. We won't forget that day.
And now the world's watching again, a tower block in flames.
Now all that's left a blackened shell - and inside charred remains.

Heroic deeds were seen - on screen - a small child was tossed clear
and caught - Catch of the Century - and from the crowd a cheer
erupted, 'midst the screams and cries, firefighters battled hard
for every foot they salvaged though, the fire increased a yard.
And now answers are called for - and rightly so it seems
for errors made had dire results. None will forget the screams.

The toll of dead is rising - and it will rise even more
as fire investigators slowly go from floor to floor
sifting through blackened debris, looking for human remains
and praying - fruitlessly they know - but praying keeps them sane.
Their job impacts upon them, in ways most never know,
what's seen behind the scenes is graphic, not for public show.

Old London is indomitable - she will rise again
a Phoenix from the ashes black. That sad and charred remain
of a building will be erased and no doubt upon the site
a plaque will recall all souls lost upon that Summer night.
The high price of neglect to save a paltry sum of dollars
by Government was paid by human sacrifice and horror.
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Post by Teddy » 16 Jun 2017, 15:21

Mahalia,thank you, but what a sad though true graphic picture you have painted.

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