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Post by Mahalia » 31 Mar 2016, 14:08

... Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet ...

A truckie's life is not an easy one
he shares the roads with idiots and people that are dumb
who fail to indicate, and now he's almost up their bum.
Oh! A truckie's life is not an easy one.

There's some truckies who are cowboys - now come on, you know that's true,
and there's some who drive whilst high on drugs but generally it's true
that a truckie is a gentleman, and one of nature's best
who will help out where he can. Yes! It's been put to the test.

There are truckies driving 'cross this land, delivering food and hay
to drought stricken farmers we forgot along the way,
and they formed a mighty convoy and drove through day and night,
'cause they heard some blokes had troubles and they recognized their plight.

They will travel miles if called on to help a fellow truckie out,
when he's stranded in the outback, maybe bogged or bottomed out.
And they'll link their rigs together with stiff bars and pulling chains
to help unmire the big rig that was caught by sudden rains.

At truck stops they'll have a whip around - They heard old Joe got hurt
and he won't be up behind the wheel - he might just lose his shirt
if he can't work, for the payments on the house and rig are due
but the truckies pull together just to try and get him through.

We live in a big country - without truckies we'd be stuffed
as they haul produce and livestock, every day can turn out rough,
and give a thought please driver to the livestock there onboard
when you make a truckie hit the picks - some animals get floored.

A truckie's life is not an easy one
there are scalies on the roadside who some think just spoil the fun.
So next time you see a truckie, give a wave and don't act dumb
for a truckie's life is not an easy one.
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