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Post by Dreamweaver » 13 Apr 2019, 09:57

My father was an Anzac, fought at Gallipoli, gassed in Flanders. He would shun all Anzac commemorations,
saying that war should not become idolised.

I attend Anzac ceremonies, not to idolise war, but to mourn for those who lost their mental and physical
health, their lives, on false assumptions promulgated by those in power on both sides of the conflict.

But here is another take on Anzac day, that recently came to my attention.
Reality check. Anzac day commemorates the Battle of Gallipoli.
We were part of an allied invasion of the Gallipoli peninsular.
Part of Turkey. A Muslim country with whom we were at war.
Turkey suffered 250,000 casualties in that battle.

The battle was fought over 100 years ago, and every year the Turkish people
have the decency to welcome thousands of New Zealanders and Australians
into their country to pay their respect to the Anzac soldiers who died there.

They tolerate Christian prayers, the singing of hymns
and performance of hakas to honour them.
They've looked after the graves of these invaders for us
and treat them like the graves of their own sons.

We can't even tolerate a Muslim prayer here on Anzac day.
What a miserable bunch of ungrateful narrow minded ****s we are.
I dream, therefore I am.

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Post by Warrigal » 13 Apr 2019, 11:53

I have visited Gallipoli and I second the sentiments in that post.
We found the Turks to be lovely people, and very generous to Australians and New Zealanders.

I wept for their loss of so many young men in 1015, many more than we lost and so many of them just school boys.
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Post by Slapsy » 13 May 2019, 13:03

=D= =D= =D= Exactly.
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