Did Adam have a belly-button?

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Did Adam have a belly-button?

Post by Dreamweaver » 16 Oct 2017, 20:36

My friend Dabbles asks -
PLAIN, old religion can be complicated enough, but if you seek confusion in its purest form, check out the burning question of whether Adam had a belly button.
The debate over the ownership, or otherwise, of a navel by the reputed first man on the planet has been raging recently on some of the Internet’s chat lines.
There are three popular positive positions on the subject.
The first, held by pre-umbilists, is that Adam’s navel was formed in the millisecond Adam was created from dust. Following the belief that Adam was created in the image of God, the pre-umbilists argue that, therefore, God had an umbilical cord. But connected to what?
Mid-umbilists believe the first belly button resulted when God removed Adam’s rib to create Eve. A simple, surgical scar.
Then there are the post-umbilists. They say Adam’s navel was created after he and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.
Why this would be so is a mystery.
Not since Barbara Eden was forced to cover up her belly button for the 1960s TV series I Dream of Jeannie has there been so much interest in the subject.
The theological Internet chat rooms are buzzing with theories.
Meanwhile, historians are still embroiled in an argument over whether the terms BC and AD to denote time periods are politically incorrect and offensive to other faiths, such as Hindus and Muslims.
And Muslims in Malaysia are arguing about whether Christians can use the term Allah.
Sorting all that out could be harder than proving whether Adam had a navel.
I dream, therefore I am.

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Re: Did Adam have a belly-button?

Post by godfather » 17 Oct 2017, 14:45

Your friend Dabbles is a very inquisitive person seeking answers to such momentous questions as in the headline.
Wow, I would have wished that our final exam questions would have been as good as that.

BTW, I don't know. Did he?

Buck, you have a full frontal fotograph of Adam in your cupboard? Why not?

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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