Remarkable brothers

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Remarkable brothers

Post by Dreamweaver » 23 Nov 2018, 21:35

Twelve year old conjoined twins don't want to be separated.
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Re: Remarkable brothers

Post by Perrorist » 24 Nov 2018, 05:24

If one should die, the other will too. That's the only argument for separation I can think of.

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Re: Remarkable brothers

Post by lynny » 24 Nov 2018, 08:40

After 12 years how can separation even be considered?

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Re: Remarkable brothers

Post by Mahalia » 25 Nov 2018, 14:08

How can it not? They will soon be men - they may well want to marry or have children. They may want to do good things for humanity. Their life is so restricted, their options very few and IMO how untenable can their life be when conjoined, what quality of life is there for them
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