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Does any one recall?

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 12:22
by mavisbramston
Sorry folks I may be posting in the wrong section.
First a question to folks living in Tasmania. Or visitors.
Two attractions I vividly recall.
First the model Tudor village created by a man with polio.
Many many years ago it was a top attraction.
Has it gone?
Second also in Tasmania.
The attraction was Mole Creek.
First it was in Mole Creek and then it moved to apenny Royal in Lauceston.
It was beautiful mainly for kids but everyone loved it.
You walked through these dioramasnof lttle molebfigures in lovely settings.
I heard it was sold and moved years ago.
Heres one for Victorians.
At Arthurs seat in the gardens there was a CAMERA obscura.
Rarely see these now.
I did see one two years ago in Edinburgh up near the castle.
Anyone recall one at Arthurs seat. Long long time ago. I was a kid.
Are there any Camera Obscuras in Australia?

Re: Does any one recall?

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 15:49
by lynny
There was the Tudor Village near me in Taroona Tas. It was built by a man who had polio as a boy in the UK. I went there thirty plus years ago. It was sold when he died (?) and moved to the town I was living in then, Margate in south Tas. Still there too.

I believe there is another model village at Richmond STas and a maze. Haven't been there for years and never been to the one in Launceston.

I don't know about Mole Creek except that it has caves and glow worms....I think.....

Re: Does any one recall?

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 17:13
by mavisbramston
Thank you
There is nothing about mole creek dioramas any where.