The amazing self

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The amazing self

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Likening the self to a bureaucracy
Bureaucracies contain several divisions or departments that contain information that needs to be at an executive officer’s finger tips. The sorts of items in the various departments that are essential for executive officers to get their jobs done include information about life events, personal qualities, physical characteristics, skills, fears, ongoing and previous thoughts, accomplishments, failures, goals, plans, desires, ambitions, resentments, values, morals, standards, memories, rules for regulating relationships with other people, possessions, demographic information (date of birth, location of birth, etc.), religious affiliation, and snippets of life stories that include high points, low points, and turning points. Think of all these items (and we have missed a large number) as components of the executive's toolbox. Unless some circuits in the brain are damaged, they are available on a nearly instantaneous, not necessarily completely accurate, on-call, whenever needed, basis. We can think of the self as a composite of all its departments including the executive officer.
Daniel M. Ogilvie and Stephanie Anglin
Department of Psychology
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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