Pacifists made chocolates for Boer war

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Pacifists made chocolates for Boer war

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Banjo Patterson chocolates for the Boer war found! Made by pacifists. ... 2tmRzT99oo
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Re: Pacifists made chocolates for Boer war

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The Cadbury family were Quakers. I went to the Cadbury HQ at Bourneville once on business for a week. Nice place to work, at least it was back in the seventies.

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Re: Pacifists made chocolates for Boer war

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When I left school in 1960 a lot of my friends went to work there in the offices at Bournville, mostly as punch card operators. Cadbury looked after the health and welfare of their staff and built sports fields and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Bournville village is still a most attractive place to live. As picturesque as the picture on the chocolate box we were given after a school trip to the factory in the 50s. It still is used as my pencil box.

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