Angelina Jordan 14 year old singer

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Angelina Jordan 14 year old singer

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Here are some songs for your collection

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Re: Angelina Jordan 14 year old singer

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Thanks Biggdad, for a 14 year old, she has a great voice. :icon_biggrin:
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Re: Angelina Jordan 14 year old singer

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She is amazing. "She is able to change her voice to match any song she sings and make it her own," I read in the comments here The writer gives a bio that includes -
Angelina Jordan
- Angelina Jordan was born Jan 10 2006 in Oslo, Norway. She is currently 14

- She began singing at the age of one and a half

- At 2 or 3 she discovered Jazz through her grandmother and started studying all the greats from Jazz history with youtube videos.

- Why Angelina always sings barefoot - When Angelina was 6 years old, she was traveling with her grandmother and met a poor girl with no shoes trying to make money on the streets. They talked for a while and discussed their dreams. It was cold and the girl had scars on her feet. . Seeing this, Angelina took off her shoes and gave them to the girl. The girl thanked her and told Angelina she would pray for her every day. That day Angelina made a vow to always sing barefoot until all the children of the world could have shoes. To this day, whenever Angelina is performing in public, she sings barefoot as a way to remember that little girl and to remind us that there are less fortunate people in the world that could use our help.
Angelina holds so true to this promise that she has sung outdoors in Norway, in december... barefoot. She has sung at a dinner with ex-pres Obama... barefoot. She went on AGT (possibly the biggest stage in the world)...bare foot. She made a promise at 6 years old, and has stuck strong to it for years. That takes a special kind of person.

- She has always been the driving force behind her own singing career. It was her that asked her mother to take her to Norways Got Talent, where she auditioned at 7 years old and went on to win the whole show at just 8 years old.

- In an interview after the show, when asked what she was going to do with the prize money, the 8 year old replied, "I would like to give it to orphans that need clothes and shoes"

- When Angelina was 9 years old she became the youngest published author in Norway, when she wrote a book about the story of why she doesn't wear shoes when she sings. She donated proceeds from the sales of the book to help children in need.
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