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Post by Tedwalker » 21 Apr 2016, 13:16

This elderly chap planted potatoes on his 4 acre property every year. His son ploughed the ground.
But this year the son was in prison.
Dad sent the son a letter, saying he could not proceed on his own, and did the son have any ideas.
The son sent back a letter saying, "Hey dad, don't dig up the ground. That's where I buried the bodies".
The next morning, 200 police arrived at the property, carrying picks and shovels, and dug up every square centimetre.
They found nothing, and left.
The son sent dad another letter, saying, "Dad, you can go ahead with the planting now. That's all I can do to help".

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Post by grandduke » 21 Apr 2016, 13:57

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