The Sun and Moon - Aboriginal

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The Sun and Moon - Aboriginal

Post by Dreamweaver » 16 Dec 2017, 16:13

In most Aboriginal cultures, the Sun is female while the Moon is male.

"The Sun is a lovely old lady called Walu Yolngu," Mr Norris said.

"She gets up every morning and puts on her red ochre, which is why we get the red sunrise, lights a stringy bark tree and carries it across the sky and giving us all light and heat, travels to the west and puts out the stringy bark tree, then travels around back to camp in the east for the morning."

In all Aboriginal cultures the Moon is considered a bad person, Mr Norris explained.

"In the Yolngu story, he's called Ngalindi and he was big and round and fat like the full moon, and he was lazy.

"His wives and children got so angry because he did nothing to help, so they chopped off bits of him and he went from being a round fat moon and got thinner and thinner which is why you get phases on the Moon.

"Eventually he died and stayed dead for three nights before he came back to life, as a new moon.

"He cursed everyone and said that when he died he would come back to life, but when others died, they would stay dead." ... ng/8413492
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