Tomic needs a good shrink!

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Tomic needs a good shrink!

Post by Trishia » 01 Feb 2018, 10:08

This fellow has been an embarrassment to Tennis Australia. Between him and Kyrios, they have made thorough pests of themselves. I can't stand to watch the tennis when they start abusing the umpires etc. etc.
To say "I know they can't win without me" is the PITTS.
He should get some help from a psychologist, who will improve his behaviour :good_luck ... tion=sport ... ia/9381082?

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Re: Tomic needs a good shrink!

Post by Warrigal » 01 Feb 2018, 10:25

I don't usually watch 'reality' TV shows but I did watch the latest one on Channel 10 with Tomic. It was evident to me that other participants were very concerned about him. They seemed to recognise that he is disturbed and I think some were afraid for him.
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Re: Tomic needs a good shrink!

Post by kfchugo » 01 Feb 2018, 11:23

We can only judge media personalities by the personna they present to us and by their words and actions. Tomic has shown himself to be an arrogant snot-nose with delusions of adequacy. Maybe he does have mental issues or personal tragedy in his life, but I dont really care.....I am sick to death of making excuses for these young egomaniacs who let a little success go to their head. As far as tennis is concerned, I think Tomic is a has-been and "yesterdays man"..... let him "count his millions", because every time he does so it will take less time.......he wont be making much more from his tennis career. :oops

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Re: Tomic needs a good shrink!

Post by Slapsy » 01 Feb 2018, 17:33

Tomic appears to have done the best thing for,,,Tomic,and I agree.

I don't watch this type of rubbish,but if Tomic is the first (?)celebrity to leave the show,since it's inception,shouldn't he be considered the first real winner of,"I am a celebrity,get me out of here". Could he have been the first honest celebrity to appear on the programme?
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