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Call me by your name

Post by mavisbramston » 10 Oct 2018, 11:47

Few films are perfect but this one is. A real gem
I finally watched CALL ME BY YOUR NAME. Thanks for all the recomendations. I loved the book and the film is mostly faithful. Elio is such a complex character Timothy Chalamet is perfect. The layers and sub textual aspects of his performance are brilliant. There is a beautiful scene with Elio and his father played by Michael Stuhbang which is going to be one of my favourite scenes. Great for acting students to study. The writing in this scene is so commanding.
Its a great film gently paced and full of sublime inner monologue. Timothy Chalamet is a revelation. if you are looking for titilation forget it. This is, at last, an intelligently crafted film. It will be too much for some and its really for a discerning film lover. I think this film should be studied.. Oh and the scenes of the village are exquisite. The title is perhaps strange but ehen you see the film you will get it. The film may be a bit confrontational to some silver peers but I have under estimated you good folk before.

So much more one could say but as Armie Hammers perfectly cast Oliver would say.... LATER. ONE should read the book too.

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