oh no. Its peach for a head.

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oh no. Its peach for a head.

Post by mavisbramston » 15 May 2019, 08:50

Regarding my link of the sketch called substitute teacher. Lynny and Perrorist did not find it as funny as we did at home and in the office. Nothing at all wrong with that. Everyone sees the world differently.
I think the award winning duo Key and Peele are genius . Still they are off beat and controversial. AS lynny says and a few pvt messages they are certainly not for everyone.

It got me thinking how diverse humour is.
Now I am really going to rock the boat.
Your worse night mare
In case you dont know the most divisive joke of all...peach for a head. I am posting it.
I love this joke but my prediction is NO ONE on silver peers will like this or get it.
Its an anti joke and I think hilarious.
Ellen and Matthew suggest fifty per cent of the population love this joke.
I have seen people keel over laughing. :lol: and other friends look at me with a strong WTF? :character-oldtimer:
Watch Ellen and Matthew if you dare.


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