What to do with odd socks

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What to do with odd socks

Post by Veejay » 14 Jun 2014, 14:37

Orphaned socks. I'd like to think they have been put to good use, like this:

- Fragile items going into storage can be wrapped in a sock. Exceptionally fragile items should be wrapped in newspaper too.

- Place frozen drink bottles in a sock to stop the liquid thawing out too quickly. Stops drips too.

- Slip a tall glass into a sock to act like a stubby holder and keep your drink cool.

- Slip on a baby's bottle, to keep milk temperature constant for longer

- Take a sock to the beach to hold any seashells you collect

- Put onto a clear bottle of olive oil bottle to stop exposure to light. Keeps oil in better condition.

- Use as an emergency heat bag for aches and pains. Fill with wheat grains or rice, tie into a knot and place
in the microwave for about two minutes.

- Cut holes for thumb and fingers and place a sock over a bandaged hand. This keeps the bandage clean and securely in place. Works just as well on a bandaged ankle.

- Draw a face on a white sock, sew on wool to create hair, and use as a hand-puppet.

- Fold pretty orphan socks to create a pouch. Sew onto a wall hanging or curtain in your
child's room and insert small toy animals.

- Use a secure nappy safety pin to attach a sock to the waist of your jeans or shorts. Great for holding iPods, keys, loose change or sunglasses.

Slather feet and toenails with vaseline or even cooking oil or any moisturiser
and wear 4 odd sock to bed and in the morn. wowee beautiful feet!

Many more uses for odd socks.........

Of course, the best way to REDUCE the number of sock orphans is to always buy two pairs of the same socks!


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