What A Day

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What A Day

Post by Booga » 02 Dec 2014, 07:19

What A Day

I was sitting in my local pub
About to drink a can
When this big bloke came into the bar
A monster of a man.

He knocked me off my bar stool
And gave me an evil sneer
Said ‘ Gees I’m bloody thirsty “
And then he sculled me beer.

I said “ mate I aint gonna fight ya
I don’t wanna have a blue
Cause I’ve had a bastard of a day
Then I meet a bloke like you

See I had a few last evening
And I woke up sick and tired
Got into work an hour late
So I got bloody fired.

So back down to the pub I went
To drown me sorrows at the bar
Hit a tree while driving home
And wrote off me brand new car.

I got home really early
Feeling sick and bloody sore
Then I found me missus playing round
With the bloke who lives next door.

So I’ve got no job, no car or missus
Mate its cut me to the core
And now I meet a bloke like you
It must be Murphy's bloody law.

So I don’t wanna fight ya mate
there would be no point I fear
cause I was gonna kill meself
but you’ve just drunk me poisoned beer.

Bob Pacey (c)
Love is the need to be needed

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Re: What A Day

Post by grandduke » 02 Dec 2014, 08:03

Good one young Pacey. :heeheehee :heeheehee :heeheehee
“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
George Bernard Shaw

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Re: What A Day

Post by godfather » 02 Dec 2014, 21:05

Hahahahaha, good one Booga.
Hope the bloke didn't die but got the sh*** instead!

:big_grin_2: :big_grin_2: :big_grin_2:
The devil whispered, “You cannot withstand the storm“ and I replied: “I am the storm!”.....Unknown.

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