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Post by Tedwalker » 03 Sep 2016, 09:24

Remember the old 'thunder boxes' in our backyards.
About 40 years ago we lived in a flat, and a very old couple lived in the house next door.
They had an old thunder box that they used as a lock up kennel for their small terrier dog.
However, there was quite a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.
Every night about 6pm, they would put the dog inside, close the door, and place a plank across the door gap.
One night, they put the dog in and closed the door, then turned around to pickup the plank.
The dog came out from under the door and nicked off.
The old couple picked up the plank and put it in place, then went back into the house.
They had a self satisfied look of 'another job attended to" on their faces.

:lol: :lol: :heeheehee :lol: :lol:

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Post by Maggs » 28 Jan 2017, 12:04

I Arrived in Canada......husband being A photographer in the Canadian Airforce.
I had just about managed to deal with my children (Andy-Karen-Deborah & (Baby Murray)
Found a Hotel and prepaired for a nice meal before we get some shut eye.

No food available after 7pm

Asked the bloke at the desk directions to the toilets.....he told me to go down the field there was a two seater Dunny can probably understand that I was not amused.

Came back to hotel to be told my chalet was not available until the following morning.

Back to car and settled kids for the night.

Needed to buy some food for us all , was told there was a shop about 30 metres down the road.Husband went back to his comfortable room in his working area.......brought blankets back so we could be warm. OK. we ate for a while, Deborah was only 7 months old and still on the bottle.

Room was not roomy NO BEDS! . Put two chairs together to hold Debbie in Her carrycot./ Fed Deb and finally tried to find somewhere to sleep The only place was on the floor. You guest it! Put down blankets courtesy of the Airforce bloke. An hour later Debbie was crying.....shone torch on her
and gasped at what I saw......she was covered in beetles who where on their prowl all over the floor.

There was a small shop close by and as soon as dawn came I was there waiting at the door. Bought some food and a kettle. That was my lucky moment for the lady who owned the shop told me there was a house for rent in the next street. Moved in immediately with a sofa a table and TV. Needless to say there was no bathing facilities, Just water which carried away the slops, what I didnt know was that water was not for consumption
Deborah being the only baby who was piling up the poo in her nappies all I could do was wash and go all through the day........ i had to rinse those soiled nappies somehow and so I gaily turned on the tap and and emptied theremaining water into the hotel's basement catchment.

I was so glad to move into my new house. I shouted Eureka!


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