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Post by Booga » 12 Nov 2017, 11:22

Perhaps I'm getting grumpy in my old age ? LOL

There’s gremlins live at our place
and I don’t know where they hide.
Sometimes they are inside the house
then in the yard outside.

A piece of stick there in the garden
Who put that there I said ?
they all say someone used it
to keep the magpies off their head.

But no one ever owns up
so I chuck it in the bin.
But the next day there’s another one
Oh it’s such a crying sin.

You will find a pot plant broken
and hidden in amongst a bush.
No one knows just how it happened
yeah everyone is staying shush.

Tools go missing from my shed
and I will find them down the back.
The good battery operated drill
is always missing from its rack.

There are pushbikes laying in the yard
but no one left them there.
I put them back into the rack
trying not to bloody swear.

I find good solar lights are broken
and there is a football on the ground.
But no one was playing with it
or heard the smashing sound.

Garden gnomes with heads broke
sprinkler arms are snapped in bits.
no one ever sees it happen
mate it fair gives me the shits.

I try to keep an eye out
but now I feel like such a burke.
Cause most things seem to happen
when I am out at work.

But I have worked out a pattern
because I tell you I’m no fool.
That gremlin seems to disappear
when all the kids go back to school.

Bob “Grandad” Pacey ©
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Re: Gremlins

Post by mavisbramston » 19 Nov 2017, 22:57

Love it. Read it the piece three times. Explains all the mysterious happenings at my place.

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Re: Gremlins

Post by Mahalia » 04 Jan 2019, 17:21

those darn kids have a lot to answer to :heeheehee
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