Queensland Election

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Queensland Election

Post by Booga » 21 Nov 2017, 08:20

Not much of a choice hey ?

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Should we blunder under Blundell
or languish under Lauga.
Should One Nation grab our fancy
or The Greens secure our vote

Can we stand more years of Anna
Or is Tim a better option
Would they both form a Coalition
even though they say they won’t.

Can you trust a politician
even when you know they’re lying.
Is the lesser of two evils
a prudent way to vote.

Should we close the power stations
and build a massive wind farm,
all the promises and rhetoric
is getting on my goat.

Can you really trust the mongrels
to bloody do the right thing.
While the people on the street
are doing it so tough

Well I tell ya I don’t know mate
but I know I’ve had a gutful.
I wish they would just listen
and get their snouts out of the trough.

Bob Pacey ©
Australian Bush Poetry With A Passion
Love is the need to be needed

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