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Post by Teddy » 08 Mar 2011, 07:54

Fifty years we've been together,
Not too many more remain;
Should nature but allow it,
How I'd love to start again.

We've had some laughs together,
The odd tear along the way;
You've shared with me each season,
And eased my doubts away.

So many times I,ve looked to you,
And sought some best advice;
"Your face is like your pass-port.
Try smiling once or twice"

Our hair looks very grey now,
They're the ones that don,t fall out;
Wrinkles where the smiles were,
The price of life no doubt.

God's finger will shortly touch me,
A call I must obey;
So fare-thee-well my dear old mirror,
Reflect another's day.

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Re: Partners

Post by Dreamweaver » 08 Mar 2011, 10:01

Teddy wrote:
So fare-thee-well my dear old mirror,
Reflect another's day.
I dream, therefore I am.

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Re: Partners

Post by Mahalia » 08 Mar 2011, 20:42

:lol: :lol: :lol: So enjoyed this I am still giggling at the twist in the tail - I was thinking it was the loss of a partner and then whammo - well done.

Lucky you haven't got a magnifying one Teddy - they are even worse


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Re: Partners

Post by hawkeye » 09 Mar 2011, 12:51

Good Stuff. Teddy. I, too, expected a different ending. Have been known to primp a little bit in front of my own mirror, you know, try making the wrinkles work in my favor instead of against me.


Re: Partners

Post by Dawn » 10 Mar 2011, 02:04

Oh dear. I have always done my best to avoid the darn things! I am sure they never tell the truth! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Partners

Post by godfather » 10 Mar 2011, 18:37

Nice poem, Teddy, but what is a mirror?

The thing I have in my bathroom is called "Alice's looking glass!"

:wink :wink :wink
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