Physics and the power of thought.

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Physics and the power of thought.

Post by Dreamweaver » 26 Mar 2018, 14:32

In the realm of quantum physics we already have been able to measure a subtle effect known as quantum entanglement - the phenomenon where certain objects interact and become related to each other in such a way that even when separated by large distances they continue to share certain characteristics in common, even when those characteristics change. Einstein called it “Spooky Action At A Distance.” If thoughts are electrical emanations,when we bring someone into our thoughts, is it a form of quantum entanglement? Do we become entangled with them, and them with us, perhaps as separated young lovers might experience?

Perhaps one day we will understand such a mechanism by which we subtly move energy, or change its characteristics. I was taught the idea of imagining an ill person as being fit, active, well, and if that accorded with their own thoughts, there could be some healing. Because these changes are small and imperceptible to our present instruments of measurement and observation, rather than large and forceful, we don’t see big results from little effort. And because it is “little,” its effectiveness depends on persistence, not persuasion. It depends on our determination to heal, not God’s as prayer is supposed to do.

I’m not suggesting that everyone can be healed if only enough people pray. Just as the human body responds differently to different forms of medicine depending on a number of complex factors, so it is with thought. Different forms of thought move energy differently, and the body responds differently depending on its current state.
Plagiarism! I have blatantly taken, altered, and added to the words of Eric Elnes. He attributes quantum physics to God's plan, and I've removed that reference, as some would not take the time to consider it if the 'God' word appeared in it!
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