Cashews and other nuts

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Cashews and other nuts

Post by Dreamweaver »

I love cashews, but didn't know much about them
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Re: Cashews and other nuts

Post by Slapsy »

No wonder they are so expensive.
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Re: Cashews and other nuts

Post by Teddy »

Pistachios also grow in Australia. The Australian ones are better because they're fresh compared with the USA ones, also sold here, if bought on special Not too expensive!

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Re: Cashews and other nuts

Post by Pamela »

Cashews are not my favourite but I found the article interesting and then had a look on youtube to watch them preparing the cashews. I'd never heard of cashew apples before! I do use cashews when I make a vegan paella for my sons and they seem to enjoy them.

Teddy... pistachios are my favourite nuts. I love them. :icon_biggrin:

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