The shopping list

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The shopping list

Post by grandduke » 04 Dec 2016, 11:30

Items 20, GST $2.64, only two items under two dollars, most
in the 3to4 dollar range, cost of living is becoming expensive.? :character-oldtimer:
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Re: The shopping list

Post by Teddy » 04 Dec 2016, 17:35

Postage for a card to the UK $2.55, postage Calendar UK $8.00

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Re: The shopping list

Post by godfather » 15 Dec 2016, 13:08

I recorded my shopping bill from 10-12-2015 (Woolies) and
I went and bought exactly the same 30 products on 10-12-2016 and found:

Total bill up $34.65
6 items with less weight
biggest price increase Small goods, ham, bacon etc
2nd biggest fresh fruit, peaches, apples etc
3rd biggest increase household items, washing liquid, cleaning fluids etc
3 items with same prices
1 item lower price Fresh Salmon from Tassie

Try it for next year, it is fun to see which one tries to get the most $'s from you.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: The shopping list

Post by Buck_naked » 15 Dec 2016, 19:02

GST should be higher. and apply to everything.
Government would be rolling in cash ...until they find some crazy way of spending more. :character-oldtimer: :character-oldtimer: :character-oldtimer:

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