Mushroom creamed pork

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Mushroom creamed pork

Post by Dreamweaver » 16 Sep 2017, 17:45

Although stir-fried pork is quicker than this, sometimes it isn't so tender. This simmers for almost half an hour.
The only ingredients are pork, canned mushroom soup, and seasoning.
1 can cream of mushroom soup is enough for 4 pork chops, diced or cut into strips.

30 mins

Season pork and brown in skillet
add soup and cover
bring to simmer for 20-25 mins

Serve with crusty bread and fresh celery sticks on the side.
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Re: Mushroom creamed pork

Post by grandduke » 16 Sep 2017, 19:51

YUM. \:D/ \:D/
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