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Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 16:15
by mavisbramston
Now I know its not everyones favourite and it does sort of taste of cough medicine but good old jurgenmeister can give the most mundane cocktail a lift

Heres an old one but its pretty damn good.


FOUR PARTS irish whiskey. Look it works just as well with any whiskey. I wouldnt use your best single malt though.
Two parts sweet vermouth . You can get away with a sweet sherry.
One part Jurgenmeister
Three parts lemonjuice.
Shake with generous ice. Pour into an old fashioned glass

If you are brave add an extra part of jurgenmeister.

Anyone have any cocktails using this incredible liquer.?


Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 22:57
by godfather
Never heard of it before!

Do you mean JAEGERMEISTER, the herb liquor?

8-[ 8-[ 8-[


Posted: 23 Dec 2017, 07:08
by mavisbramston
Sorry you are quite right gf but the problem is I come across various spellings. Thanks I will change it. :happy-sunshine:

To be more correct


If you have not tried it its great. You may not like the taste at first as its like cough mixture but it actually blends really well and its full of herbs.


Posted: 23 Dec 2017, 12:13
by lynny
Popular with the youth of today I gather....

Jäger bomb. Drop a shot of jäger - in the shot glass - into a glass of Red Bull (of course). A few of them should keep you going all night.

Someone told me of a Red Headed Slut which is Jäger with Peach Schnapps. Float cranberry juice on the top....and there's the red head. You turn into the slut ten drinks later.
Thank heavens I'm non alcoholic now. O:)


Posted: 23 Dec 2017, 23:34
by godfather
No need for apologies Mavis, just that I knew the darn sturff from my younger days in Germany.
It's quite potent albeit only 35% alcohol derived from 56 different types of herbs.
I think it was discovered by accident when they were looking for a flu-killer. Yippeeehhhhh!

:lol: :lol: :lol: