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Vertical grill

Posted: 23 Feb 2019, 10:39
by mavisbramston
Over twenty years ago I broke my much loved constantly used Verticlal Grill. For years I have been trying to find one. I jsearched and searched. A few friends were going to give me theirs as they never used them. Never eventuated especially when they found how rare and valuable they were.. People knew how rare they were on Gumtree and Ebay. I refused to get ripped off and pay up to five hundred dollars.
Well I finally got one, a new one on line!
90 dollars!
I love it.

Re: Vertical grill

Posted: 23 Feb 2019, 15:08
by kfchugo
Oh God, those things were an absolute NIGHTMARE to clean. I had one that stayed in darkness in a cupboard for years before I tossed it out.

Re: Vertical grill

Posted: 24 Feb 2019, 09:57
by mavisbramston
Kf hugo there are many mixed views on this appliance. Not quite as good as the air fryer but I used it a great deal.
If you partly fill the bottom tray of the grill with wTer the cleaning is easy.
Even if you did not like it kfhugo I challege anyone to find a better device for sausages and toasted sandwiches.
Still I have friends who have totallyagree with you :happy-sunshine: