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Post by Dreamweaver » 13 May 2017, 17:47

Tell me about Flipboard, please? I think it might be the only way acceptable to my cerebral palsy young friend, to keep in touch with him when he moves interstate. Although another alternative might be Google Hangouts, about which I know nothing either. I think his parents have an objection to Facebook. He is using Apple (ipad}, where as mine is a PC.

I did suggest Skype, but he wasn't keen.Email also seems too out of date for the young ones, only to be used as a means of accessing other things, not for chatting! Even with adults now, if I send an email I'm apt to also send a phone SMS - "Check your email!"
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Re: Flipboard

Post by Perrorist » 13 May 2017, 18:04

Flipboard is a content aggregator. I don't know what your requirement is, but I wouldn't see that program being much use as a communication device like Facebook. Google Hangouts would be better for that.

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