The Internet and You

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The Internet and You

Post by Dreamweaver » 26 Sep 2017, 18:10

A free learning experience starting Oct 30th. This little course is aimed at anyone who uses the Internet in their daily life and is interested in understanding the vital technical, legal, and policy implications that will shape the Internet’s future. ... et-and-you

Teach-Outs are short learning experiences, each focused on a specific current issue. Attendees will come together over a few days not only to learn about a subject or event but also to gain skills. Teach-Outs are open to the world and are designed to bring together individuals with wide-ranging perspectives in respectful and deep conversation. These events are an opportunity for diverse learners and a multitude of experts to come together to ask questions of one another and explore new solutions to the pressing concerns of our global community. Come, join the conversation!
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