beware of bank card fraud, from virus purchases & renewals

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beware of bank card fraud, from virus purchases & renewals

Post by Biggdad » 03 Sep 2018, 09:22

Check your bank & credit card statements if your have any direct debit, regarding any purchase of computer virus protection
& renewal. There is a firm (DIGITAL RIVER IRELAND SYDNEY AUS.) who has been taking funds "$49.95" in my case for renewal of TREND virus
they also do the same for about 5 or 6 different companies.
I have had to have my credit cards cancelled & then new ones reissued. Suggest you all copy & paste digital river into your browser
& look on the Internet!!!!! If you have had this in your bank or credit card statement, go to bank straight away as this firm could hit you
for a larger amount :hitting_wall !!

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Re: beware of bank card fraud, from virus purchases & renewals

Post by Perrorist » 03 Sep 2018, 13:28

Thanks for posting this, BD. Digital River is a big company and handle sales for Microsoft, among others. There have been complaints about suspected fraud before, so there's something suspicious going on.

For the record, annual licence payments are auto-renewed by Digital River without your approval or knowledge. That puts the onus on you to cancel the renewal if you don't want it. Some other companies do this too, and in a couple of instances (one only last month) I've had to insist they stop auto-renewing me and to refund my payment.

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