Off the air and back again

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Off the air and back again

Post by Perrorist »

Yesterday morning, I unexpectedly lost my Internet connection. After a couple of hours I realised it wasn't going to reappear any time soon after checking the Telstra site for outages. I reported the error and a very helpful support woman took me through a diagnostic procedure that revealed it was the NBN. She organised for them to come out today to sort it out, which they did.

The cause? Apparently a mud wasp had built its nest inside the external connection box and disconnected the fibre optic cable. Quite an achievement considering the miniscule aperture it must have squeezed through. The techo said it was all right to spray around the box with insect repellant to discourage further intrusions.

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Re: Off the air and back again

Post by Buck_naked »

on a related matter reports last week said there are one solar panel fire every 10 days in queensland
cause: water penetration from rain and rats chewing cabling.
makes me wonder about all those tesla batteries which have to be set up outside the house, - fire risk. :eek

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