Connection causing problems

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Connection causing problems

Post by Dreamweaver »

Friend tells me of computer problems. I wonder if some of mine are of the same ilk, and their cause.
Had a very weird and frustrating experience trying to write a report this morning. MS Word was worse than its usual sputtering, stalling, freezing up the entire PC. I decided to disconnect from the internet since everything I needed was on my hard drive. Pulled the ethernet plug. Telstra wireless automatically took over. grrrr! Disconnected the card. Not much better so I unplugged the modem. Then my doorbell rang spontaneously, nobody there. 👽 Beginning to feel like I'm in an episode of Twilight Zone or Dr Who.
Rebooted and had no trouble with Word. Not going in line unless I need to. Have put a shortcut to the internet connection driver controls on my desktop to make the on-off less tedious. Forward to the past when connection to internet required intention and action!🤠
Seems to me lots of 'background' MS stuff is getting out of hand. Will finish the report in the morning.
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Re: Connection causing problems

Post by grandduke »

Once again i had difficulty connecting to the internet i sometimes think its
the amount of traffic (people) in our area anyway restarted the computer
and bingo here i am. :nahnahnah :nahnahnah
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Re: Connection causing problems

Post by Perrorist »

A lot depends on the type of service you have and where you live.

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Re: Connection causing problems

Post by Biggdad »

I just got put onto them NBN today hope it works better than some of my friends connections! :character-oldtimer:

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