Prince Andrew - guilty???

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Prince Andrew - guilty???

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The Prince is running out of options to avoid this legal battle. He seems to be arguing on two fronts -
(a) Court documents were not legally served on him. They were delivered to Buckingham Palace, I understand, which should be his place of residence. He is such a high profile person with heaps of security surrounding him. It would be virtually impossible for a stranger to approach and place documents in his hand. Should he wish to challenge document service, he must nominate his lawyers or some other method for him to accept service.
(b) His lawyers argue that the plaintiff signed a document supplied by Epstein agreeing to never sue any of his (Epsteins) associates. I dont know much about English or U.S. law, but the girl may have been underage when she signed - did she have parental oversight of that document or independent legal advice at the time? I doubt if such a document would stand up in court.
Prince Andrew is no stranger to controversy or scandal and his words and actions in this matter do nothing to inspire confidence in his innocence.

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Re: Prince Andrew - guilty???

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He has history of using his title to gain benefit: Prince Andrew's Billionaire Style

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