Saudi & ISIS

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Saudi & ISIS

Post by Dreamweaver » 13 Oct 2017, 13:58

If you're short of time start at 4.30, re Saudi Arabia.
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Re: Saudi & ISIS

Post by Perrorist » 13 Oct 2017, 18:59

ISIS or whatever you care to call it is Sunni. Saudi Arabia is Wahhabist and strongly anti-Shia, so they've been willing to fund ISIS.

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Re: Saudi & ISIS

Post by godfather » 13 Oct 2017, 21:00

Not sure if "funding Isis" is the right description for some Saudi business.
The better wording would have been 'channeling funds' towards Isis. It sounds less offensive in a political situation, especially since the Saudis and USA are on the same team regarding ISIS!

Just thinking aloud!

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