Treading water

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Treading water

Post by Slapsy » 25 Oct 2017, 23:33

Until yesterday afternoon the impression I had of Australian politics was a feeling of treading water. Just like this :

Boy,hasn't that changed today. The libs have crossed the line,one last time,and the ALP has reacted,hopefully,with a killer punch. Nothing on TV tonight so I switched over to senate estimates. Best entertainment of the night,and a delight to see that witch squirm.
One last thing,Malcolm has been given a new name on Twitter,Wiley Coyote,everything he does to hurt Shorten blows up in his face.

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The punters know that the horse called Morality rarely gets past the post,whereas the nag called Self-interest always runs a good race. ..... Gough Whitlam 19/10/89

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