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Post by Dreamweaver » 26 Oct 2017, 00:18

Activist group GetUp! is readying itself for a costly legal battle to resist a new push to have it declared a "front" for Labor and the Greens.
The left-wing group says the latest attempt to have it officially linked under electoral laws to the political parties is "the greatest threat our independent grassroots movement has ever faced".

"Imposing big legal expenses is a well-known tactic to take advocacy groups away from their campaign work. Already we've needed considerable advice from barristers and legal assistance, with costs mounting. If this goes all the way to court, those expenses will skyrocket." ... z5nyg.html
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Re: GetUp!

Post by Perrorist » 26 Oct 2017, 10:08

I'm a financial supporter of GetUp! The government has just shot itself in its groin with this political attack on institutions opposed to its actions. Dangerous stuff. Even Andrew Bolt says they've gone too far. As for Michaela Cash, she's dreadful.

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Re: GetUp!

Post by godfather » 26 Oct 2017, 13:07

One Cash-less Government coming to your country soon!

This type of attack has been happening for many years, and became critical when Murdoch pushed Gillard to the absolute limits.
I guess that Murdoch may once again be the driving force in the current scam. Wait and watch and take note that Murdoch will get involved. He just hates GetUp.

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Re: GetUp!

Post by grandduke » 26 Oct 2017, 15:04

Dear David,

Late yesterday the Australian Federal Police (AFP) stormed the offices of the Australian Workers' Union. Why? To see whether they had their paperwork in order for a donation made to GetUp 12 years ago.1

Our lawyers warn we could be next — due to a very separate, but equally twisted investigation into GetUp's independence, pushed by Senator Eric Abetz and the hard right.2

At the behest of a government agency, the AFP could knock on our door — seizing computers, phones, and files, effectively disrupting critical campaigns on corporate tax cheats, the Reef and social justice.

It's part of a disturbing pattern of this government abusing power to silence its critics. They defund scientists3 and the ABC,4 bully the Human Rights Commissioner,5 sack independent experts,6 attacks charities7 – and now use the police and government agencies to intimidate.

We won't be silenced. We won't be intimidated. We won't stop holding power to account. But to stand up to these government-funded attacks, we need a major fighting fund for a top notch law firm, respected barrister and a full-fledged campaign to protect our democracy.

Chip in to help protect against the government's strong-arm tactics to stifle dissent.

We don't know what the Turnbull Government will try next to silence its critics. We do know they refuse to take action against corporate tax cheats like Adani, corrupt money-laundering bankers, or the hard right faction pushing our country in a dangerous direction.

So it falls to us. We've got to be prepared for raids, legal threats, and smear campaigns. Most of all, we can't let these attacks distract us from campaigning for what's right.

Chip in to keep us holding power to account in the face of this unprecedented government overreach.

Thank you for all you do,
got this in an email and like Perry i support them financially they are a voice for the people and are not cowed by the likes of Murdock, Abbott, Abetz, or Turnbull the weak that can't stand up to his backbench, getup membership 1,079,803 yippee root the bastards out.
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