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Re: barnaby joyce

Post by Dreamweaver » 14 Dec 2017, 18:45

Perrorist wrote:
07 Dec 2017, 15:30
As a group, pollies are remarkably lacking in self-awareness, blind to their own faults while condemning the same qualities in others.
Or are they aware enough but just think they're giving their supporters encouragement, stop them weighing up actual facts?

"Those convinced against their will
Are of the same opinion still."

Facts jut don't count with a lot of people.
I dream, therefore I am.

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Re: barnaby joyce

Post by Slapsy » 14 Dec 2017, 22:07

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The punters know that the horse called Morality rarely gets past the post,whereas the nag called Self-interest always runs a good race. ..... Gough Whitlam 19/10/89

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Re: barnaby joyce

Post by Perrorist » 15 Dec 2017, 06:02


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