Future for crime?

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Future for crime?

Post by Dreamweaver » 03 Jul 2018, 08:56

Five prisons in the Netherlands were marked for closure in 2016. That follows eight closures of prisons in 2009 and 19 in 2014. Because there are fewer and fewer inmates to put in the cells, the Netherlands’ jails are just too costly to run. It’s not a bad problem to have, unless you’re one of the 1,900 prison workers losing their jobs.

The drop in supply of prisoners is because of two factors. One is that simply fewer crimes are being committed. Rates are falling around 0.9% per year. This, says the Dutch News, means 3,000 prison cells and 300 youth detention places will not longer be needed by 2021. Former justice minister Ard van der Steur said that serious crimes are less frequent, and that judges are imposing shorter sentences for those that are convicted

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Re: Future for crime?

Post by terra » 03 Jul 2018, 09:38

....and yet our prisons in Australia are overcrowded ?
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Re: Future for crime?

Post by mavisbramston » 03 Jul 2018, 12:11

I visit The Netherlands every two years. I have family in the Hague or Den Haag.
The Dutch have always been a step ahead. They got rid of plastic bags years ago. They legalised gay marriage and adoption first.
There are fewer drug problems because many are freely (relatively) available . Thereis monitoring of serious drugs but you won to to jail.
Most Dutch people think keeping human beings locked up is barbaric. Home detention is better.
Yet the crime rate is much much lower.
They do have a few thingsI disagree with. They wont wear bicycle helmets,! Lol

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Re: Future for crime?

Post by Perrorist » 03 Jul 2018, 12:12

In 2017, a significant percentage of Australian prisoners have committed acts intended to cause injury (9,344 or 23%) and Illicit drug offences (6,155 prisoners or 15%). The number of prisoners on remand has increased, and the duration of remand has also increased. On the other hand, convicted prisoners have declined in number. So it seems that the rise is due to the number of unconvicted prisoners.

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