Stabbing in Sydney

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Stabbing in Sydney

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How to beat allyack bar Idiot from wielding a knife: Heroes chased a idiot through Sydney catching him after he stabbed a woman
they caught him & pinned him down till the Police arrived! :character-oldtimer: :eek :flaming_mad

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Re: Stabbing in Sydney

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I have been following this since it came up as breaking news.

It appears that he is mentally ill and absconded from a mental health facility about three days ago. He is not Muslim. He is reported to be a practising Christian. There is a dead body in a unit close by, presumed to have been killed by this man. He also slashed out at another couple of women in the CBD pub. One was taken to St Vincents hospital, the other had a hand injury.

He seemed to be wanting to be killed by the police but the first responders were a silver haired man from the bank who armed himself with a café chair, a couple of blokes from Manchester UK, a couple of fireys and several others that joined in along the way.

He was brought down by a swipe to the back of the head with the chair and pinned to the ground using a milk crate.

Channel 7 were just lucky to be at the right place and at the right time to film the whole event.
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