4000 Brumbies to be culled

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4000 Brumbies to be culled

Post by Mahalia » 23 May 2020, 19:00

How many of you were aware that our Brumbies are under the guns as we speak? There has been little coverage on the media despite the fact that many thousands of Australians and brumby rescue groups are signing petitions wanting it stopped.

I for one want our Govt to put a stop to the killing of our brumbies and start to view their tourist potential. I am in total agreement with herd sizes being properly managed, I am not in favour of brumby genocide, and in some areas that is what will happen. Our Govt wants them all gone - it claims that people can rehome them BUT only if they take 5 at a time, and with borders still closed it makes it difficult to get to them for some interstate people who might be interested and able to help. Most brumby refuges are already full.

4000+ brumbies are being targeted in the Victorian Alpine area from 25th May and the NSW/Victorian high country, from 1st June 2020. . If, as they plan to, they kill 4000 in the Kosciuszko area, there is a very real threat that will totally eliminate the brumbies in that area. Our Govt keeps waving the figure of 25000 brumbies under our nose, and yet brumby watchers who are in that area regularly, walking the trails and taking photographs will say time and time again that there are nowhere near that many horses there - probably 2500 would be a generous estimate. The population count survey was conducted by a group called the Australian Alps National Parks, which is in fact a government funded organisation, they assert that the brumby population has grown from 9,187 to 25,318 in five years (2014 - 2019). However, the total number of horses actually counted was just 1,736 wild horses. That is 1,298 horses (Northern area of KNP), 76 horses (Talbingo), 362 horses (Victorian Alps). In other words, the ‘independent study’ which was paid for, and managed by the Government includes an imaginary 23,582 wild horses. So if the Govt/Parks NSW have 4000 in their sights then the cull becomes genocide.

These are Australian horses, running in Australian National Parks owned by the Australian people and whilst we have given the Govt and NP's permission to manage these parks and the inhabitants we have not given them a licence to kill ... the number of horses needs to be reevaluated - many died in the fires, this has not been taken into account.

The killing fields are already set up and baited with salt licks and molasses and the horses are coming in to them. Come killing day the gates will be slammed shut and the cull will commence with the horses being shot in the yards. Coincidentally the gates to the Kosciuszko NP will also close to the public .. they certainly do not want any members of the public bearing witness.

Please speak up for them.....#brumbylivesmatter and let's value add to these horses and start to promote them as a tourist attraction - imagine the industry we could build up around them and how small country towns in areas where the brumbies are would benefit, from accomodation, organized tours - possibly run by traditional owners eg coach, 4wd, horseback ... overseas visitors, artists, photographers, even our own Australians would jump at the chance were it available. Bus Tour Groups could do bus trips utilizing the roads already there in the NP's, bringing an influx of visitors into towns, benefiting cafes and local businesses as well. Our elderly and others would love that. Many of today's seniors grew up with horses as an integral part of their lives - it would be a walk back through time for them.

Our brumbies are not feral, nor vermin - they deserve to be here, have earned the right to be here more than most of us have. And I want my children's children, to be able to see these horses running free - not just look at pictures in books or on the screen....and then asking the question ....why did you let them be killed?

In years to come when small children ask questions
about animals seen only on TV.
Doubtless, wide eyed they'll come across a brumby
and ask why it's no longer running free.

The child that asks the question might be family
of yours - will you stand up and take the blame
for eliminating horses, strong yet gentle?
Or will you then just hang your head in shame?
The Scribbly Bark Poet
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