Lock down

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Lock down

Post by mavisbramston »

Yes I know its horrid ANOTHER BLOODY LOCK DOWN ..but remember…in just about a year our remarkable scientists and medical experts discovered remarkable vaccines that have saved lives. The work continues I have great faith in science.
No vaccine or even surgery or medication will ever be 100% safe but the track record is so inspiring.
I believe it is time for much much harsher penalties on those who wont wear masks. Do as I do…tell them with a face like you have dear you need a mask any way.

I wish everyone on silver peers good health.
Get vaccinated! =D=

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Re: Lock down

Post by kfchugo »

I have had the two Astra Zeneca shots with no ill effects - not even a sore arm. I wear a mask in public when mandated, but in my case, I think that actually improves my chances with the ladies.

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Re: Lock down

Post by Dreamweaver »

I was shocked to see the comments from Paris reported by Al Jazeera, the fury and the number of those protesting against lock downs. I wondered how they could under-rate covid so much when their own toll has been so bad, including fatalities. I wonder now are these mainly people who have had it, but only mildly, and think it's a minor illness. If that's so, they can't be listening to their own news. And then I think that today with so many people on the internet, regular newspapers are out of fashion, as are radio and tv. Yes, they can get news on the internet, if they bother, but it's not there in their face like it used to be.

Not to mention the unknown legacy they might still have to face. Chicken pox left a legacy of future shingles, what will this leave us?
I dream, therefore I am.

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Re: Lock down

Post by Perrorist »

Why is there a large number of anti-vax protesters in Melbourne, but not Sydney? My answer: media. They're defending Gladys but throwing Dan to the dogs. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister for NSW, sums it up.

BTW, Morrison looks to be in a precarious position regarding his leadership. I wonder how long he will last.

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