What happened to the big announcement?

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What happened to the big announcement?

Post by Slapsy » 20 Dec 2017, 18:19

Does anybody remember seeing any government members spruiking about this? It certainly hasn't been reported in any news outlet that I have seen. Even the SA premier has been quiet about it.

http://reneweconomy.com.au/tesla-big-ba ... ips-70003/
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Re: What happened to the big announcement?

Post by Perrorist » 20 Dec 2017, 20:42

I barely merited a peep, but it happened. A bit embarrassing for some, I reckon.

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Re: What happened to the big announcement?

Post by godfather » 22 Dec 2017, 23:47

I think Perro is right, too embarrassing for some big wigs to talk about!
Well done, Elon Musk!

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