Here he goes again

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Here he goes again

Post by mavisbramston » 02 Jan 2018, 09:54

Another plebicite?
This time on the Republic.
Perhaps this one will not be as hateful and divisive as the last one which caused grief and a sadness. The NO people said ...Gays
are ok in their place but dont deserve equality. We were told we had to respect the opinions of bigots. Free speech was about telling lies and the right to call people fags or poofters. The whole thing was was akin to a survey on whether or not Jews should be part of the new order.
We were told constantly that my son and his husband were unfit parents.
If you saw the friendly mature debate you are lucky. I NEVER DID.
Now he wants one on the Republic. Another waste of money.
Surveys clearly indicate the majority want a republic. Its just no longer a pressing issue.
It was but not now.
A republic will happen but not in the life time of this monarch.
And please not a popular election. We will end up with a millionare who can afford the campaign.

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