Australia - the "lucky country"?

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Australia - the "lucky country"?

Post by kfchugo » 17 May 2018, 11:57

There seems to be a steady stream of corporate scandals hitting the news lately. The Banks have been ripping us off.....the fuel companies have been ripping us off.....the electricity companies have been ripping us off.....our governments have been ripping us off (charging taxes on top of taxes) etc., etc. We can often buy products on the internet MUCH cheaper than buying locally but now we find that many international companies will not ship products to Australia as they can sell to us locally at MUCH higher prices. The likes of Gerry Harvey have successfully lobbied to now have GST applied to internet purchases in a vain attempt to make us buy more from HIM. All of our so called government protections....legislation, APRA.....ASIC....Dept of Fair Trading ...... the Petrol Commissioner etc., etc seem to be ineffective in protecting the average Aussie PAYG worker from being dudded by big business. I am starting top feel like a cow in the field that anyone in a suit can just stick a bucket under..... and "milk" the essence from me.
Anyone else feel like having a good, long theraputic whinge about this crappy situation? :teary

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