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Halal certifications

Posted: 03 Nov 2014, 22:13
by godfather
Most of us would have seen Halal Certifications on almost all edible products on our retail shelves.
It tells our Muslim communities that the particular product is safe to eat under Sharia Law. Yes, Sharia Law!

The problem is not the certification as such but rather the FEE that is being demanded from producers for such certifications, which after all are NOT A REQUIREMENT OF THE QURAN!
The linked web site and video explains the con job better than I can. It is detailed and runs for appx 30 mins. But it really was an eye-opener for me.

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Re: Halal certifications

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 09:44
by Dreamweaver
The cost of halal certification should add a fraction of a cent or less to each item. “Non-refundable one-off application fee of $110.00 (GST inclusive) for the first site and $55.00 (GST inclusive) for each additional site,.”

A Nestle spokeswoman also said costs were not passed on to consumers, and she insisted halal certification was not used as a marketing tool. A Cadbury spokesman said the “small fees” paid to certification bodies didn’t affect pricing and were more than offset by access to broader markets, which created more local jobs.

“It’s consumer information, similar to gluten-free or kosher labels … nothing in our products or the way we manufacture our products has been changed to attain halal certification,” he said.

I will eat non-vegetarian foods, and vegetarian (including lacto-vegetarian, vegan, and any other type.) I often find when a group is catered for, the vegetarian option looks and tastes more appealing, although I am omnivorous. I am not forced to a ‘no alternative’ position.

Same with food certified as organic, and other certifications – sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, and so on. It’s not as if any of these are our only food source – if one item is available only in a particular certification,(such as Vegemite) surely we can accept that.

I wonder if “hate groups” are trying to exploit fear against Muslims for their own political gain, withholding the fact that this certification is bringing to Australia billions of dollars in export revenue by bringing these products to Muslim consumers. I think that Muslims just want certainty about what they are eating, and products such as chocolate bars often contained meat derivatives.

Re: Halal certifications

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 21:36
by godfather
Anything is possible DW, but I am sure that the "certification' is a racket and nothing else.
I remember back to the mid 70's when halal was first introduced as having some significance, mainly for exports to Muslim countries.
The Muslim importer sent out their preachers and they supervised the killing act of animals at the abattoirs. There was no demand for payment at all.
However, when more and more exporters sold halal meat overseas there was a sudden movement from the Muslims to ensure a cleric oversaw the killing on a daily basis.
Even that was free and did not cost the abattoirs a single cent. In the last 10-15 years there has been more emphasis placed on getting money for having a product certified.
First it was per head of animal and now it is based on tonnage through the meatworks, making it quite a profitable income stream for the Muslim communities.
I am fully aware that we are gaining more export markets by shipping certified meats overseas, but I am also sure that some producers are paying several thousand dollars to buy the "Halal" stamp for their products.

It is a rip-off of large proportions and benefits the 2% of Muslims here in Australia.
I am not against Muslims but I am against them taking us for a ride!

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Re: Halal certifications

Posted: 09 Nov 2014, 21:27
by godfather
Here is another article about Halal certification.
Quite interesting why the Maleny Dairy has refused to get sucked in. ... y/2444556/


Re: Halal certifications

Posted: 10 Nov 2014, 07:53
by grandduke
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