What news corp again.

Are we being treated like human beings by our Corporate Captains? Have they heard of the word 'compassion' or is greed the guiding light for them?

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What news corp again.

Post by grandduke » 09 Nov 2014, 11:00

One thing about independentaustralia.net they dig deep
at getting to the truth.

http://www.independentaustralia.net/bus ... tself,7076

Its time as Gough would say, time to bring this interfering mongrel Murdoch down. =D> =D>
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Re: What news corp again.

Post by godfather » 09 Nov 2014, 20:17

Dukey, Murdoch has no heart or conscience, we all know that and most people have been warned many years ago.
In his case money rules and money buys whatever he wants, incl the Australian Government as one of the feedbacks clearly shows:
His time will come and millions will be dancing on his grave!

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