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Are we being treated like human beings by our Corporate Captains? Have they heard of the word 'compassion' or is greed the guiding light for them?

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Sum of Us

Post by Dreamweaver » 18 Sep 2016, 15:01

Water to drink, or water for mining? Taxes used to pay for schools and hospitals, or tax dodging to keep corporate profits high? Trade to close the gap between rich and poor nations, or which makes it even wider? Budget busting bailouts for banks, or defending jobs and livelihoods for everybody?

The answers to these questions are obvious to most of us: human beings matter much more than sky high corporate profits.

But when you hear some CEOs and politicians talk, it can sound like these most obvious priorities are being turned on their head.

We built SumOfUs because we know it doesn't have to be that way. Human beings created corporations, and human beings can change them.

We can push politicians to make a firm stand on tax dodging. We can call halt on trade deals that make inequality worse, not better. We can shine a light on the murky world of lobbyists.

All of those things -- and many more -- are what the 6 million SumOfUs members have been doing since we launched five years ago.

We work hard to keep our costs down and our technology free for our members to use. Can you become a SumOfUs Core Member to help cover the costs of running SumOfUs in the years to come? Please make a small monthly donation today.

When SumOfUs started in 2011, we weren't sure what to expect.

Would people share our worries about corporations misusing their power? Would they agree that it would take people power to push the balance back in favour of people trying to get by, instead of wealthy business leaders and their politician friends?

The answer was better than we could have imagined. There are now over 6 million of us standing together to keep a check on corporate power. We are part of a huge, global movement to push back on dangerous trade deals. We are making huge inroads in cleaning up the palm oil supply chain. We are fighting hard to save the bees, and it’s starting to work.
the team at SumOfUs
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