S.A. Seniors;-privacy for sale.

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S.A. Seniors;-privacy for sale.

Post by Glamma » 08 Mar 2006, 18:24

Be cautious in your State. Here in SA. our privacy has been sold by our State Labor Government to private direct marketing companies for $200,000!!

When this matter became public; our Minister responsible Hon? ( that means Honorable folks...., in case you might have your doubts ) Jay Weatherill tried to first blame it on the previous ( sound familiar? ), Liberal Government, who in their '40 pieces of silver' wisdom HAD indeed sold our private details for a 3 year contract. This current 'Gov't' 'then renewed the contract; for the above price.These two opposing idiots went on the air to blame each other; Weatherill finally trying to belittle senior's by suggesting they should not take the matter seriously!!!!

I enjoyed pointing out to him on the ABC that we did take it seriously, as succinctly as I could;- without the presenters of the programme having recourse to use their dump switch!

How did we find out, I hear you ask?

I found out when I received a tabloid trash booklet from an overseas marketing company addressed directly to me. This crap referred to cures for cancer/arthritis etc,etc., using herbs/vinegar...etc.,- you know the type of publication.

One poor old soul talked of thinking to send off a large sum of money to a box no. for a cure for the crippling arthritis her husband was suffering. She had the presence of mind to hesitate because of the cost/box no....by then of course ( and thankfully for her ), this matter became public.

The crowning insult was the With Compliments slip from SA Seniors ( official: their logo ), telling us that we were lucky to receive this/ that 'quality' publications only would be sent to us/ that these people were vetted thoroughly/ that our privacy was a primary consideration.....

.....the final statement had this little fellow next to it---*

And guess what the small ( tiny ) print said?...

That SA Seniors "takes no responsibility for the material....." ! ALL of you reading this will be fully aware of the rest of that statement.....plus its clear intent. WE NEGATE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING WE HAVE PREVIOUSLY SAID!

Today one of our main political commentators ( a senior himself; he got it too! ) has written his column entirely on this; calling for a Parliamentary Inquiry.

I ( and others, it turns out ), have approached the State Ombudsman.

State Privacy Commisioner/Dept.?????......a dept. WITHIN the State Gov't. 'She was in a meeting'': a one person dept.

A matter of public record:--- thus I state it here. Jay weatherill is a lawyer who prior to his political career had a reputation for his work for battler's. He has availed himself of the $ 7,500 Statesman car that is now available to all SA. pollies. ( They tried to get the same vehicle for $750 and indeed this passed through both Houses in 9.6seconds, until the State Auditor scapped it because of the public outcry ).

The vehicle is insured/ registered/ petrol is all paid for/ and the vehicle is for private use if wished. Perhaps Hon. Weatherill's wife who also works in State Parliament, uses it......

Not all MP's took up this rort. Many did.

I ponder that saying;......what was it? something about power???,...absolute power???.....


Post by sigun » 09 Mar 2006, 18:18

That sort of thing goes on all over the world.
Just came back from Canada and the 'snorting and the rorting' is par for the course! :-#

They all got their snout in the trough, 'cause they are married to the job..."for better or for worse!", most often it is much better!

The privacy bit concerns me. Who can get their hot little fingers on all our private data? There is no such thing as privacy any more. For a few dollars you can just about buy all sorts of details. :-$

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