Maintaining independnce.

How can we improve the prognosis for our maturing Australians? Suggestions, ideas, proposals for better social and health issues, including retirement accommodation, etc.

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Maintaining independnce.

Post by Dreamweaver » 08 Jun 2006, 17:58

I received a message today re U3A, which I'm sure many of us belong to.
U3A Online is offering a group led program MAINTAINING INDEPENDENCE. The course will commence 3rd July and finish 28th August 2006. The course leader is Mary Kelly

If you would you like to discover ways to maintain your health and wellbeing and still live an independent home-based life this course is for you.

The six week course will take you step by step through practical advice and tell you how to access the many resources available to you.
Enrolling in the Course with the Course Leader, Mary Kelly, will enable each of you to share your own experiences with Mary and each other and will enable you to give each other your solutions.

While the material presented is principally relevant to Australia, many of the resource links are international, and of relevance to everyone.

This is a follow up on a previous notice where you will find more information. Email any questions to Maggie Magafakis <>

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